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  • natural bixbite red beryl capped crystal pendant

    Natural Bixbite Crystal Pendant -Incredibly Rare Red Emerald


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  • elegant art deco black onyx and diamond dangling flapper earrings

    1920s Onyx & Diamond Dangle Earrings- Flapper Style


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  • emerald cut iolite and bageutte diamond ring

    Emerald Cut Iolite & Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring


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  • greenish yellow sphene pear solitaire pendant in gold

    Tantalizing Titanite Pendant With Pear Shaped Sphene


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  • lavender chalcedony pendant in white gold

    Rare Lavender Chalcedony Drop Pendant with White Gold Bail


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  • white gold three stone ring with diamonds and oval tsavorite green garnet 4.JPG

    Oval Tsavorite & Diamond 3-stone Green Garnet Engagement Ring


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  • antique bloodstone and chased gold repousse gents signet ring

    Antique Bloodstone & Chased Gold Repousse Gents Signet Ring


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  • periwinkle blue chalcedony pendant in white gold

    Blue Chalcedony Pendant “Periwinkle Agate” in White Gold


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  • peachy orange oregon sunstone and diamond pendant

    Peachy Orange Oregon Sunstone & Diamond Pendant


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  • georgian lapis closed back solitaire ring

    Georgian Solitaire Ring with Lapis


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  • platinum art deco onyx and diamond jazz era pendant

    Art Deco Onyx, Platinum & Diamond Necklace


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  • carnelian and gold art deco pendant

    Art Deco Faceted Carnelian Pendant


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  • birth month constellation and birthstone pendant in yellow gold 3.JPG

    Gold Pendant Set with Birthstone & Birth Month Constellation Sign


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  • golden scapolite stud earrings yellow gold

    Golden Orange Scapolite Stud Earrings in Yellow Gold


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  • IMG 065

    Cabochon Sunstone & Diamond Pendant


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  • antique carved black onyx and diamond daisy flower pendant

    Antique Carved Onyx & Diamond Lavalier Flower Pendant

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  • momento mori pendant enamel skull with ruby and black diamonds.JPG

    Horace- the Memento Mori Skull Pendant

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  • victorian locket snake pendant with hair circa 1864 6.JPG

    Amazing Victorian Snake Wrapped Locket Pendant in Rich 15k Gold

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  • estate large amazonite cabochon ring bezel set in yellow gold

    Amazonite Cocktail Ring in Yellow Gold Bezel

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  • green sphene pendant and earring set in rose gold.JPG

    Neon Lime Sphene Pendant & Earrings in Rose Gold

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  • Edwardian Gold insect specimen Pendant with butterfly wing under crystal with moth.JPG

    Edwardian Butterfly Wing Pendant in Yellow Gold with Specimen Moth

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  • large 1930s floral wreath pendant with blue moonstones in sterling and 14k.JPG

    Vintage Silver Moonstone Pendant with Gold Floral Accents

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  • Art Deco Yellow Gold Meditteranean Red Coral Lavalier Earring Set.JPG

    Art Deco Mediterranean Flame-Red Coral Lavalier & Earring Set

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