Natural Bixbite Crystal Pendant -Incredibly Rare Red Emerald


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Among gem connoisseurs, Bixbyte is a holy grail item: a rare gem and American sourced too, which makes this pendant quite the find. Also known as Red Emerald or Red Beryl, Bixbyte is the red member of the Beryl family, and thus a cousin of Emeralds and Aquamarines. It is only found in one location, in the Wah Wah mountains of Utah. Most crystals are extremely small, as well as heavily included or fractured. Those that are clean are almost always faceted since the material is so valuable. This pendant represents the rare find- a facet grade mineral specimen that was saved and mounted into a wearable pendant. Not only is this a gemmy crystal- it is large too! Certainly large enough to cut a sizable loose gem, this crystal is just under 1/2 inch long and weighs at least 5cts! It has that wonderful raspberry red hue and flowing red lustre that is so prized, capped with a 14k yellow gold crystal cap for secure enjoyment of this rarity. Simply wow!

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