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If you can’t find what you want in our case, or if you are looking for a very specific item, the custom design process may be a good fit for you. We will work with you to design, create, and perfect your dream item. All of our custom pieces are made in-house and produced by one of our trusted goldsmiths for the best in design and quality. We are happy to supply a Gemstone or Diamonds, or work with your sentimental heirloom materials. 

Design Consultation

The process starts with a free consultation. Bring us your ideas, wish list, and photos of things you like; and be inspired by designs and gems we have on hand. Our designers can give advice and work collaboratively with you to hone your ideas into a workable design. Don’t know what you are looking for, but haven’t seen “the one” yet? Come in and browse our in-stock rings and semi-mounts, chat custom design, and we can help you hone in on your design preferences in a low pressure environment. 

Hand Drawn, Hand Carved

We create custom jewelry through two different methods. The first service we offer is the old-school lost-wax casting process. In this method, we draw a design by hand then a wax mold is hand carved based on this design, and the mold is then used to cast the item in the chosen metal. This process works best for more simple designs, for pieces that require custom finish work to be done by hand, and for those recycling gold. This is also the ideal method to re-create an existing item, or to match an item (like a shadow band wedding ring, where it needs to sit perfectly against an existing engagement ring). 

 CAD Design, 3D Printed 

The second custom design service we offer is a more modern counterpart using computer-aided design (CAD) software. In this process, we use a computer to generate a sketch of the item, then 3D printers and lathes are used to make the wax, and finally, it is cast using state-of-the-art equipment and finished by hand. This process works best for complex designs, or for those who want the option to view an “image” of the item before we carve the wax. The CAD designs allow the client to make changes to the design easily and affordably until the design is just right. This process also allows us to complete custom projects efficiently, lowering the price of many custom jobs. 

The Creation

No matter the process, once the wax and quote have been approved our craftsman make your item. The process begins by first casting the piece in the metal of your choosing, then the casting is cleaned and polished into its final shape. At that point, each gemstone is set by hand, and metalwork is completed, such as rhodium plating or matte finishes. Once you approve the final piece we will send it to an independent appraiser so that you can ensure your cherished item. Curious to learn more about jewelry fabrication? Contact us to learn more. 

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Trade & Recycled Materials

We are happy to consider any scrap metals, estate jewelry, diamonds, etc. as trade toward a new item in our store or custom design. If you choose to purchase or create a new item, we will give you the full market value of the item(s) as store credit toward that purchase. This is often the best use of old or unwanted jewelry, as it allows you to get something new that you will love to wear. If the items are sentimental, we can reuse some of the materials or Diamonds in a new custom piece, and use leftover materials as a cash credit. 

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How much does custom jewelry cost? How long does it take? 

There is no flat rate for custom design work, but we offer different tiers of customization to make custom jewelry affordable. We strive to maintain a low overhead and offer fair pricing while maintaining high quality standards and excellent customer service. Some of our customizations of clients’ existing jewelry, or semi-custom designs using premade mountings, are more affordable than a full custom project. In any case, our design work and our estimates are always free.  

For a custom project, pricing starts in the $800-1000 range, and often cost more, depending on the amount of materials and labor needed to complete the work. We have made custom pendants for $1200 and custom pendants for $12,000. We like to give our clients choices, such as on the karat of gold they use, diamond quality, etc. and use heirloom upcycled materials, all of which can lower out of pocket costs. If you have a project in mind we are happy to give a free estimate for the work; likewise we are happy to work within a set budget whenever possible to do so. 

Semi-custom jobs often take 1-4 weeks to complete. Full custom design work takes 3-8 weeks once the design is approved, often the total turnaround time is closer to 4-12 weeks including design and consultation time. Rush jobs are occasionally possible- contact us for details. 

Examples of Our Custom Work

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