Amazing Victorian Snake Wrapped Locket Pendant in Rich 15k Gold


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This beautiful Victorian locket is special in that it is a beautiful item with lots of history, and the rarity simply adds to the allure of the piece. The heavy orb style pendant features a glass capsule back which contains a locket of hair, surrounded by the inscription “GLH 31 Jan 1864;” the year appears to be the accurate date of manufacture. On the front a stylized serpent coils around the orb. This could signify fertility, eternal life, or the cosmos. Snake jewelry was very popular in Victorian Britain and jewelers often incorporated mythology from other areas (Egyptian, Greek, Norse, etc.) into their designs. This highly collectible pendant has survived in remarkable condition and we have chosen to present it with patina intact- we will polish it only by request of the buyer. The buyer could also replace the hair with a loved one’s photo if they chose.

Details: 15k yellow gold pendant locket combo with glass hair capsule and personal engraving, British circa 1864. 4g total weight.

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