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Emerald Cut Iolite & Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring


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This beautiful engagement ring is set with an emerald-cut Iolite in a deep violet-blue hue. The classic yellow gold mounting has a sculptural aspect. It is inset with tapered baguette Diamonds in the shoulders, with a graduated gold shank, which combine to draw the eye toward the center gem. In this case, the gem is an Iolite with a rectangular octagonal step cut, or Emerald Cut. The angles of the gem sit perpendicular to the ring for a pleasing effect. Iolite is a rare but interesting gem, also known as “water Sapphire” since the gem can look almost colorless at some angles, or the rich blue-purple color in another. If you are looking for a large emerald cut Sapphire, or a large emerald cut Tanzanite, then this ring is a great low-price alternative, without having to sacrifice quality or rarity.

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