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Few Aquamarines are as beautiful as this. In fact, our owner thinks this might be his favorite Aquamarine he has ever purchased- an amazing statement considering he has been a connoisseur for over 30 years! He first saw it in Tucson but chose not to purchase it due to a small inclusion in the bottom of the gem. The cutter took his advice and re-cut the gem to remove this inclusion, and Rene was able to snap it up three months later before it hit the open market. The Aquamarine is an enchanting Robbin’s egg blue color, made richer by a near perfect cut, which mesmerizes as it dances in the light. We chose to set this gem more simply since it allows the sizable Aquamarine to take center stage. That said, anyone interested in this piece could certainly re-set the center gem in a mounting of their choice. We highly recommend that anyone interested in this piece stop by to see it in person- pictures cannot do it justice.

Details: 14k white gold pendant with 10.80ct round Aquamarine from Sri Lanka (heat only) and .45ct pear Diamond accent (SI HI).

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