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Georgian Solitaire Ring with Lapis


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Georgian jewelry is scarce- but oh so exciting when we find it! This original antique ring, circa 1800 or a little earlier, is a great example of Georgian jewelry. The ring is crafted of a solid sterling silver collet-style setting which sits atop a fine gold band. This setting is closed-backed, set with a cabochon natural Lapis of the deepest cobalt blue hue. The gem is collet set, which uses a combination of bezel-setting and tab prongs to secure the Lapis into place. The underside of the collet is detailed with fine scrollwork and hand engraving. While the setting shows finesse, the Lapis is sizable and striking, making quite the impression on the hand. Ravishing and rare, with 200+ years of history.

Details: original antique Lapis ring in low-karat gold (approximately 10-12k) with sterling silver collet setting set with oval cabochon natural blue Lapis measuring 12x14mm, Georgian circa 1800.

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