1920s Onyx & Diamond Dangle Earrings- Flapper Style


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If you want to rock your inner flapper, these earrings are a must-have accessory. Oh, to imagine the parties these earrings have graced! Crafted in the 1920s in consummate Art Deco style, the earrings feature white gold and Onyx beads (some set with Diamond accents) and two-tone Diamond ear wires at the top, resulting in 1.75 inches of dangle! Despite the large size, these are not too heavy. They have been beautifully designed, showing grace and style at every turn, just like the lady who would have worn them. Remember- pierced ears would have been a bit of a scandal in the 1920s, so these would have been worn by one cutting-edge lady- one we certainly look up to. These are a fabulous and wearable piece of antique jewelry, with the added benefit of being neutral black in color so they can be enjoyed with almost any outfit.

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