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Blue Chalcedony Pendant “Periwinkle Agate” in White Gold


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“Wow, that’s beautiful – what is it?” This is the reaction this gemstone elicits from our clients. Chalcedony is the name given to cousins of Agate and Quartz that form with microcrystalline structures that give the gem a more even appearance than other agate varieties. A locally famous variety of blue chalcedony is known as “Ellensburg Blue.” This particular gem was mined in new discoveries in East Africa which are producing Chalcedony with a periwinkle to lavender shade which is very coveted on the market. We set this one in a simple solitaire pendant, but we have other loose stones available and can make other pieces by request.

Details: custom 14k white gold pendant set with 8.00ct pear shape Blue Chalcedony (Ethiopia, Untreated).

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