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Rare Lavender Chalcedony Drop Pendant with White Gold Bail


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Being located in the Pacific Northwest, we love to sell the rare Ellensburg Blue Agate (aka blue to purple chalcedony from Ellensburg) but we have a hard time sourcing good quality material at fair prices. Recent discoveries of blue and purple chalcedony in Africa mean that Ellensburg blue is no longer the only game in town, and some of the African material is actually finer quality than the nicest Ellensburg stones. This pendant is just such an example- it’s a simple solitaire pendant with a white gold bail, from which is suspended a fancy shaped briolette of lavender Chalcedony from Ethiopia. This gem is gorgeous! It’s an unusual light bluish purple hue, with great transparency and a ghostly glow. Quite frankly, this is an exciting find of rare Chalcedony and we are excited to be able to offer it to the public at affordable prices.

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