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Antique Bloodstone & Chased Gold Repousse Gents Signet Ring


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Originally designed as a man’s ring we believe that today, this antique signet ring could be worn by anyone. Cast in rich 14k yellow gold sometime in the 1940’s, this ring has a timeless design- we have seen examples like it for generations. The top of the signet ring is a tablet of Bloodstone, a deep green stone with microscopic red flecks. Leave it as is, or have a gemstone carver engrave your family crest in the middle! The surrounding mounting features chased repousse work, where the goldsmith pushed the mounting from behind to provide intricate neoclassical scroll work. This ring just screams classic elegance with its impressive size and architectural look.

Details: vintage unisex or gents signet ring in 14k yellow gold set with oval Bloodstone tablet, circa 1940s.

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