Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring



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Product Description

Cushion cut Diamonds are our best selling shape after the classic round, and each one has a unique character. In this case, the Diamond is an antique cushion, which was a cut designed as an elegant alternative to the traditional old mine cuts of the early 1900’s. They have scissor shaped, large flat facets on the underside combined with an open culet that combine to produce lots of sparkle and flash. These diamonds have largely been replaced by modern cushion brilliants, because the modern stones tend to have a little more scintillation and retain more of the rough when they are cut (hence being more cost effective for the cutter). The client who chose this beauty scored on a very hard-to-find diamond- and chose to set it in a classic channel band setting.

Details: 14k white gold ring with 1.16ct antique cushion Diamond (GIA SI1 I, Very Good Cut, Faint Fluorescence) and .38ct Diamond accents.

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