Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant & Earring Set



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This stunning suite of jewelry features copper-bearing Tourmaline gems from Africa. These gems are similar to the Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, with the same neon aqua green color that is simply captivating. They were all custom faceted to maximize sparkle and depth of color, then set in neutral white gold mountings where they truly pop! The earrings are a ‘pillow’ cushion shape, and the pendant is an elongated cushion with kite-shaped facets. The amazing cutting and Diamond encrusted mountings make this suite an eye-catching array of color and sparkle.

Details: 18k white gold set with 4.60ct cushion (Pendant) and 2.55cttw pillow pair (earrings) Cuprian Paraiba Type Tourmalines with over 1.50ctw diamond accents (VS EF).

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