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Vintage Silver Moonstone Pendant with Gold Floral Accents

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This fabulous (and sizable!) pendant hails from late Deco years, circa 1935, at a time when Moonstone was the gem-en-vogue. It was a very contemplative time in history, when people were intrigued by the occult and death, and thus Moonstone held a special fascination with many 1930s consumers. Thus this piece, originally a brooch and now converted to a pendant, was born. It is designed in a wreath crafted of heavy Sterling silver then accented with flowers, vines, and leaves of silver and gold. The two-tone metal is subtle but elegant, and the yellow gold leaves contrast against the blue adularescence of the Moonstone. Each piece of the brooch was cast individually then soldered into place, then hand engraved with the floral details. This is a highly intricate piece that is beautiful to behold. We should note that, while relatively affordable in the 1930’s, blue Moonstone from Sri Lanka is a now a coveted gem that is hard to source- and each one of these round cabochons measures 7mm across- so this is a gem collector’s dream!

Details: 925 sterling and 14k yellow gold pendant with at least 10ctw of round cabochon Moonstone (natural, Sri Lanka), circa 1935. Measures a sizable 2.25 inches across.

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