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Edwardian Opal & Demantoid Garnet Halo Ring


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If you were a trendsetter in 1915, you would have almost certainly worn a piece of jewelry set with Opal and Demantoid Garnets. The combination of organic gemstones- Opals, Pearls, etc.- with verdant green hues- Demantoid, Emerald- were de rigueur. This classic Opal halo ring comes with that essential Edwardian twist of green Demantoids in place of Diamonds in the frame. This is a truly stunning item, where the reds, oranges, and greens within the Opal are brought out to maximum effect by the top quality green Garnets around it. The delicate claw setting holding the Opal is adorable, as is the collet-style setting holding the Demantoids. The attention to detail here is a mark of the top quality craftsman to made this ring- a survivor of the Art Nouveau & Edwardian era, and the perfect Opal right hand ring for someone looking for a top quality antique Opal piece.

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