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  • cushion cut red garnet solitaire pendant in gold

    Gold Solitaire Pendant set with Square Red Garnet


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  • red hessonite garnet and diamond halo ring with carved design

    Carved White Gold Ring with Round Red Hessonite Garnet


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  • neon mandarin orange spessartite garnet cocktail ring

    Neon Orange Spessartite & Diamond Ring “Fanta Garnet”


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  • antique georgian cabochon garnet and floral gold pendant

    Early Victorian Cabochon Garnet Pendant with Floral Gold Surround


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  • modern classic red garnet and diamond pendant

    Modern Red Garnet & Diamond January Birthstone Pendant


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  • Russian Demantoid Garnet  Diamond Halo Pendant 3

    Demantoid Green Garnet & Diamond Halo Pendant

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  • neon yellow mali garnet rose gold pendant

    Rare Yellow Garnet or “Mali Garnet” Rose Gold Pendant


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  • mens custom ring with 4ct tsavorite and cadillac diamonds

    Custom Twotone Gents Ring with 4ct Tsavorite & Diamonds

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  • checkerboard cut red garnet ring white gold 3

    Classic Cushion Cut Red Garnet & Diamond Ring in White Gold


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  • edwardian steampunk rose gold lavalier pendant with demantoid garnets 3

    Edwardian Steampunk-style Rose Gold & Demantoid Garnet Lavalier

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  • red garnet three prong martini stud earrings 2

    Round Red Garnet Stud Earrings in White Gold Martini Settings


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  • imperial malaya lotus garnet ring in white gold 3.JPG

    Imperial Malaya Engagement Ring “Lotus Garnet Ring”


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  • tanzanian spessartite orange garnet and diamond pendant 2.JPG

    Spessartite Halo Pendant- Rare Orange Garnet


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  • rare mozambique purple garnet set in cushion double halo ring 5.JPG

    Royal Purple Garnet & Champagne Diamond Halo Ring


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  • blue garnet engagement ring with madagascar color change garnet and diamonds.JPG

    Madagascar Color Change Blue Garnet Engagement Ring


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  • Custom Hummingbird Pendant with Rubies Tsavorite Diamonds Garnets in Yellow Gold 3.JPG

    Custom Hummingbird Necklace with Rubies, Garnets, & Diamonds

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  • Tsavorite Band Ring

    Tsavorite Two-Band Ring


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  • Mozambique Purple Garnet Ring with Diamonds in White Gold 2

    Vintage Style Halo Engagement Ring with Rare Purple Garnet

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  • loliondo fanta orange spessartite garnet stud earrings 2

    Neon Orange Fanta Colored Spessartite Garnet Stud Earrings

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  • Round Rhodolite Marquise Diamond modern right hand ring 5.JPG

    Modern Rhodolite Garnet Ring with Marquise Diamond Accents

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  • estate gents ring with oval spessartite garnet in yellow gold.JPG

    Orange Garnet Gents Ring in Heavy Gold Mount

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  • Gents White Gold Ring with Tsavorite Garnet and Black Diamonds.JPG

    Custom Gents Ring with Tsavorite & Black Diamonds

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