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Carved White Gold Ring with Round Red Hessonite Garnet


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This fantastic collector Garnet ring is our take on a “classic with a twist.” For starters, this round halo style ring mounting is a modern and artsy version on a larger scale. Custom cast in heavy 14k white gold, every surface of the ring has been hand carved and engraved, giving the ring a sculptural vibe. It features a round halo of natural Diamonds surrounding a fiery red Garnet. This is not the traditional red Pyrope or Almandine Garnets you’d expect, but a fiery red Hessonite Garnet. Hessonite is a member of the grossular Garnet subfamily, so it’s a close cousin of green Tsavorite Garnet and it has the brilliance that grossular is known for. Most Hessonite is orange or yellow, but traces of iron make them more red like this one. While not overly large, this 1.7ct round Hessonite was custom cut and is one of the most brilliant red Garnets we have seen- just kissed with a hint of an orange undertone which adds vibrancy. If you are looking for an unusual January birthstone ring, look no further! Easily sizable to any ring size- contact for details.

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