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Imperial Malaya Engagement Ring “Lotus Garnet Ring”


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This fantastic engagement ring is set with an unusual pink-orange Garnet. Imperial Malaya (aka Malaia or Lotus Garnets) are a hybrid of several other Garnet varieties, which have blended to form a unique subtype. Technically named pyralspite, the gems occur in traditional red and orange hues, but also in new colors like yellow, pink, blush, and color shifting varieties. This particular gem is a primo example of the Lotus Garnets taking the gem world by storm. In outdoor light the gem is a medium pink, in indoor or incandescent light the gem turns coppery orange! When the lights mix, as shown in photo one, the gem is an unusual blend of color, similar to a Padparadscha Sapphire or Imperial Topaz. We set this Malaya Garnet in a white gold and Diamond accented ring setting which allows the Garnet to take center stage. This would make a fantastic engagement ring, or alternative January birthstone ring. Be on the cutting edge of gemstone trends with this one!

Details: 14k white gold ring set with 1.77ct oval Lotus Garnet (aka Imperial Malaya, Tanzanian) with coppery pink hue, and .34ctw round natural Diamond accents (I1 GH).

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