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Royal Purple Garnet & Champagne Diamond Halo Ring


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Garnets are red, right? Not always! This ring is set with a ‘royal purple Rhodolite,’ a new find of purple Garnet mined in Mozambique. Unlike other Rhodolites, that are red with a purple undertone, this one is a royal purple shade with hints of fuchsia – a gorgeous color. We set this in a highly ornate mounting that is encrusted with Diamonds everywhere you look, in a warm rose gold mount. The center Garnet is surrounded by a cushion double halo, the first row are Champagne Diamonds, the second are white. Additional white diamonds trickle down the split shank and embellish the under gallery, beneath the halo. The mounting is certainly regal enough for this Royal Purple gemstone, and it has a wonderful presence on the hand.

Details: 14k rose gold ring set with 1.83ct Purple Rhodolite Garnet (Mozambique, untreated) and .70ctw Diamond accents: .20ctw Champagne SI diamonds, .50ctw SI GH white Diamonds.

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