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Madagascar Color Change Blue Garnet Engagement Ring


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This engagement ring is for the phenomenal woman in your life. One of nature’s true ‘phenomenon gems,’ Madagascar Color Change Garnets are one of the coolest gemstones we carry, and the only way to find a blue Garnet. Ideal for someone looking for a top quality Alexandrite at a more affordable price. This is a classic example- in daylight the gem is a teal blue hue, and under incandescent light is picks up raspberry red highlights; in mixed lighting it appears a steely grey that is a true neutral. This stone is set simply in a Diamond accented solitaire ring mounting that keeps the color changing gemstone the star of the show. Yet, as the ring is moved in the light, Diamonds twinkle out from every angle. This is a perfect ring to show off the color change, worn on its own or stacked with a wedding band. In the last image one can see the color change and a close up of the black needle inclusions within the gem- proof of its natural character and origin in Bekily, Madagascar- but which do not detract from the beauty of the gem.

Details: 18k white gold ring set with 7x5mm oval .89ct natural color change Garnet (untreated, Madagascar) and .15ctw Diamond accents (SI GH).

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