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  • amazing large australian opal doublet gold pendant

    Amazing Australian Opal Doublet Gold Slide Pendant


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  • classic australian opal and diamond diana style halo ring

    Classic Princess Diana Style Opal & Diamond Halo Ring


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  • mexican contra luz jelly opal ring with diamonds in white gold

    Estate Mexican Contra Luz Jelly Opal & Diamond Ring


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  • vintage bezel set opal doublet ring in 14 yellow gold

    Estate Bezel-Set Australian Opal Doublet Ring


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  • oval black crystal opal solitaire ring in yellow gold bezel with split shank

    Black Crystal Opal Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold Bezel


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  • edwardian opal and diamond clover cluster ring

    Antique Edwardian Opal & Diamond Clover Ring


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  • mid century gold and black opal bezel set solitaire engagement ring

    Mid Century Gold Ring with Lightning Ridge Black Opal


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  • custom rose gold cocktail ring with baguette diamonds and australian opal

    Rose Gold Cocktail Ring with Australian Opal & Diamonds


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  • modern estate white pear shaped opal and diamond pendant

    Modern Swirl Pendant with Pear Shape Australian White Opal


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  • antique opal snowflake pin pendant combo with pearl and diamond accents

    Fabulous Victorian Opal & Diamond Snowflake Pendant


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  • gents ring with australian black opal with blue green hues

    Vintage British Gents Ring with Peacock Hued Black Opal


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  • australian opal stud earrings

    Gem Australian Crystal Opal Stud Earrings in 18k Gold


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  • boulder opal pendant in 18k gold frame 3

    Antique 18k Gold Pendant with Australian Boulder Opal


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  • estate intarsia pendant in gold with opal malachite and lapis

    Classic Intarsia Inlaid Pendant with Opal, Lapis, and Malachite


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  • large oval australian crystal opal pendant in yellow gold bezel

    Simple Bezel Set Opal Pendant with Stunning Australian Crystal Opal


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  • vintage gold pendant bezel set with gem grade black opal 2

    Top Quality Pear Shape Black Opal Solitaire Pendant with Gold Bezel

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  • art deco platinum peacock black opal  diamond pendant.JPG

    Art Deco Peacock Hued Black Opal & Diamond Pendant


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  • Custom Australian Opal Diamond Ring Platinum 18k 4.JPG

    Custom Australian Opal Ring in Platinum & Yellow Gold


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  • custom twotone opal pendant with australian grey base opal multicolor broadflash 6.JPG

    Twotone Gold Pendant with Top Quality Opal


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  • Sale! Lightning Ridge Black Opal Nobby Double Sided Spinning Pendant 18k

    Exceptional Reversible Lightning Ridge Black Opal Pendant


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  • custom rose gold opal pendant with round gem opal ethiopian.JPG

    Custom Rose Gold Pendant with Impressive Round Opal


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  • custom white gold pendant with black crystal opal teal violet color 4.JPG

    Peacock Hued Black Crystal Opal Pendant


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  • Lightning Ridge Red Flagstone Black Opal Solitaire Ring in 18k yellow gold 5.JPG

    Red-Flash Australian Black Opal Solitaire Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

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  • Art Deco filigree ring with hexagonal australian Opal 4.JPG

    White Gold Art Deco Filigree Ring with Hexagonal Opal


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