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Custom Pendant With Old Seam Chaff Black Opal


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Repurposed from a circa 1910 stickpin, this Opal is what we call “first seam” Australian Black Opal. When the mines at Lightning Ridge were first found, that “first seam” of Opal produced some of the most exceptional and intriguing Opals the world had ever seen. This one is a particularly flashy example, what we would call a Black Crystal Opal due to the high degree of transparency in the material. The gem is imbued with a Chaff pattern rainbow of green, blue, teal, and violet, in a all against a jet-black background. We kept the original bezel setting intact, and simply set it beneath a classic diamond-accented bail. The Opal is hinged, such that it can move and catch the light, captivating the viewer with its kaleidoscope of color. This is a sizable piece, measuring over 1.5 inches long.

*Note- this Opal is a solid Opal, not a doublet or triplet. It has some rough areas on the back- see last pic- but these are not chips, they do not impact the durability of the gem, and they are not visible when worn; we think these beauty marks are holdovers from when the gem was cut and polished.

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