Custom Celtic Trinity Gemstone Pendant in Rose Gold



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Product Description

This custom pendant was designed for a client who wanted to create a Celtic trinity symbol, or Triquetra, that was truly spectacular. The Triquetra is an ancient Pagan symbol from the Celtic cultures in Scotland and Ireland. It was later adapted into the Christian doctrine as a symbol of the holy trinity, and it is now worn as a good luck symbol in many cultures around the world. The challenge in designing this pendant was to find three natural gems in the earthier tones the client liked, but that were also the right scale for this larger pendant. She ended up choosing rose gold to set it in, since it makes the piece more modern and highlights the colored gemstones.

Details: 14k rose gold pendant with 2.25ct Ceylon Yellow Sapphire, 2.40ct Madagascan Orange Sapphire, and 2.95ct Tanzanian Green Chrysoberyl. The piece measures 1.75″ from top to bottom.

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