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Estate Mexican Contra Luz Jelly Opal & Diamond Ring


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In Spanish, “contra luz” means “against the light.” The term contra luz is used to refer to Mexican Jelly Opals with a particular type of fire, or play of color, such as the gem in this ring. As with most of the type, this Opal has been cut into a high dome cabochon which allows the gem to capture the light. As the gem moves, the crystal structure of the Opal interferes with the light, breaking it into its prismatic colors. It comes alive with a kaleidoscope of pastel blue, green, red, and more. At some angles the Opal has a milky, moonstone-like glow, at others you can see every color of the rainbow; this is contra luz jelly Opal, and it is only mined in Mexico. This Mexican Opal is set into an estate 3-stone white gold ring mounting with dainty Diamond accents, by way of Japan, where rare gemstones are highly prized. If you’ve been looking for an unusual Opal, look no further.

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