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Estate Australian Black Crystal Opal & Gold Slide Pendant


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This stunning modern slide pendant is set with Brandon’s favorite Opal variety: Australian Black Crystal Opal. This name specifically refers to Australian Opals that are crystalline- in that light can pass through them- but those that still have a dark body color. This pendant was made in the last quarter of the 20th century, when these Opals were a bit more available and the colors were highly fashionable. As such, this was made into a slide style pendant, for wear on an Omega necklace or a wide gold chain, which were popular at the time (but it would look great on any necklace of your preference). These Black Crystal Opals hail from Lightning Ridge and are now quite scarce, making this a collectible specimen. It is accented in the heavy gold mounting by a trio of baguette Diamonds which add just a touch of sparkle and class to this piece. If you love the blues and greens of the Pacific Northwest, or are a fan of Peacock hues, this Opal is for you!

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