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Black Crystal Opal Solitaire Ring in Yellow Gold Bezel


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In Opal terminology, a black Opal has a dark body color and is opaque. A crystal opal is translucent with a light body color. So we call the rare gems from Lightning Ridge, Australia, which features both dark color and high transparency “black crystal Opals.” This particular gem has highly directional play of color, which means that as the Opal is worn, the color dances across the surface. This particular Opal has striking green hues against a dark grey background, with occasional blue and gold highlights. The large Opal, almost 3/4 inch long, is set in a low-profile gold bezel on a split shank setting that is comfortable to wear. This is a very fun Opal – far more impressive than photos can show- and a great daily wear ring design. If you are looking for an Opal engagement ring or an everyday Opal birthstone ring, this may be for you!

Details: custom 14k yellow gold ring bezel set with solid 2.76ct oval Black Crystal Opal (Australia, untreated).

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