Radiant Malaya Garnet Engagement Ring



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Product Description

This beautiful alternative engagement ring is set with a rare Malaya Garnet. These gems are found in East Africa and are a hybrid between three Garnet species: Pyrope, Spessartite and Almandine. When the mix favors pyrope, the Malaya is more red; when Spessartite is dominant the gem is more orange, while Almandine provides a pink hue. The gem in this ring seems to be a pretty even mix resulting in a gorgeous pinkish orange that shifts to a brownish pink depending on the light source. We set the Garnet between two princess cut diamonds, the three-stone design representing the three Garnet species it took to make this beautiful gem.

Details: 14k yellow gold ring set with 3.60ct radiant cut Malaya Garnet and .47cttw diamond accents (VS GH).

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