Natural Blue Spinel & Diamond Two-tone Pendant



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Product Description

This blue Spinel pendant is noteworthy for the purity of color and size of the center gem. Natural Spinels typically occur in sizes under 1ct, so this nearly 4ct example is a rarity. The reason we purchased this stone is that it has a lovely blue color without being overly dark or having any grey masking- and thus it rivals a fine Sapphire or even a lighter Tanzanite. It is also noteworthy that this Spinel is perfectly cut- not too deep, no windowing, just a lively and bright gem. We set this stone in a classically designed Diamond accented pendant so that the gem would take center stage.

Details: 14k two tone pendant with 3.87ct oval Sri Lankan Blue Spinel and .15ct Diamond accents.

This unique item sold. Please contact us for pricing and availability of similar pieces.

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