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Prismatic Opal & Diamond Pendant in Two Tone Gold


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This amazing Ethiopian Opal is a great example of how different light conditions can alter the appearance of the gem. The Opal is set in rose gold beneath a marquise Diamond accent in white gold. It draws the eye downward, such that most of the focus is on the gemstone which has a captivating color pattern. This particular Ethiopian Opal would sometimes be referred to as a Fire Opal, since it has an orangey base hue with lots of color. Under indoor lighting the Opal exhibits a broad flash of green and red with hints of gold, similar to a cat’s eye. Outside in sunlight the gem comes even more alive, and the entire surface of the gem lights up red, green, gold and every color of the rainbow. This is a top gem Opal in that the color is intense, covering every corner of the gem, the color play is amazing, and it is alive from every angle. See attached images which show this Opal from different directions and in various lighting conditions- no, this is not a different gem- this gem simply has two personalities!

All Opals and Pearls require special care: they should be stored separately from other pieces, kept away from water or cosmetics, and cleaned carefully. Contact us for more information.

Details: 14k white and rose gold pendant set with 4.50ct oval Opal (Ethiopia, untreated) and .33ct marquise Diamond (SI2 HI), measuring 1.25 inches long.

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