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Victorian Mourning Locket with Bullseye Agate, Coiled Snake, & Hair

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This adorable mourning locket is proof that the Victorian Brits were a very sentimental bunch. The center stone is a Bull’s Eye Agate, symbolic of the all-seeing eye of God, meant to guard or protect the wearer. The Agate is framed by a coiled Snake which symbolized eternity and love. On the reverse, a loved one’s hair is woven into an intricate pattern and encased in glass, allowing us to date this locket before the age of photography. Victorian Hair jewelry is very collectable, and rare in this excellent condition. Each aspect of the locket pendant has a meaning and was intended to honor a passed loved one, and has survived as a token of affection for more than 150 years!

Details: 15k yellow gold mourning locket pendant with black ringed Bullseye Agate and woven hairwork, circa 1860.

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