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These diamond hoop earrings work perfectly as a method to display colored gemstones. In this case, Sphene gemstones have been mounted with rings that allow their owner to take them on and off the hoop. No matter what the occasion, these earrings can be worn with any wide variety of gemstone dangles.

Here, sphene gems take center stage. Sphene, also known as titanite, is a rare collectors gemstone (these particular stones are Burmese in origin). Sphene is unique in that it has a higher refractive index even than a diamond, so when the light hits these gems they sparkle like a disco ball! The lime green color is very appealing, and they make for quite the conversation starter!

Details: 14kwg .50cttw diamond hoop earrings with 2.64cttw round sphene detachable parts.

This unique pair of earrings was assembled for a client. Please contact us for pricing and availability of similar items.

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