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Mid Century Mexican Fire Opal & Diamond Ring

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This ring was made sometime in the mid 20th century, at a time when Mexican Fire Opal was in high popularity and more readily available than it is today. The center gem is quite large and has a fantastic glowing “fiery orange” presence on the hand. For lovers of orange it does not get much better than this! Note: most people use the term “Fire Opal” to refer to white Opal with patches of color, but technically that’s incorrect. True Fire Opal has a translucent orange or red body color with or without the play of color in the gem, and is mined primarily in Mexico and Brazil.

Details: 14k yellow gold ring with 3-4ct Fire Opal and .15ctw Diamond accents (this gem has not been weighed, and due to varying density of the material it is difficult to calculate exact weights), circa 1970.

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