Art Nouveau Rose Gold & Garnet Unisex Ring


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Take a look at one of our favorite rings currently in the antique cases! This beauty, likely made for a man, but certainly wearable by man or woman, was made at the turn of the century. This is classic Art Nouveau design, which was a fleeting yet profound design movement that produced some of the most beautiful art and jewelry made. Think Louis Comfort Tiffany, Rene Lalique, flowing vines, themes from nature, colored gems, hand crafted items. This ring ticks all the boxes- it is made in approximately 10k rosy gold (we think European in origin, not as pink as modern rose gold), it is solid (not lightweight) yet low-profile, and features Nouveau leaves and vines in relief on the sides of the ring. The center is bezel-set with a 1.50ct cushion cut red Garnet, with a slight purple undertone, which gleams in the rose gold setting. The ring appears to have been re-shanked at some point in the past, where thicker gold was added to the band, but otherwise it is in excellent condition and ready for another generation of wear and joy. So cool!

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