Red-Flash Australian Black Opal Solitaire Ring in 18k Yellow Gold


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On the scale of natural Australian Black Opal quality, this one is almost as good as it gets! The Opal is large and nicely proportioned, measuring just over 11x9mm in an oval shape with a low-domed cabochon that is safe and secure in the ring setting. The entire surface of the Opal is covered in large blocks of color, sometimes referred to as the flagstone pattern, which makes it easier to see the color. The most unique feature of this Black Opal is that red is the predominant color- shades of deep maroon and reddish orange dance across the gem under all lighting conditions, with green and blue playing a supporting role. This is a Lightning Ridge Black Opal, where the body color is coal black, which makes the play of color even more dramatic. The gem has been set in a simple 18k yellow gold bezel solitaire ring with a light texture on the gold which allows the Opal to impress- and it doesn’t disappoint! Opals of this quality are scarce, and this one was sourced from an old collection for use in this custom ring.

Details: 18k yellow gold ring with 2.85ct oval Black Opal (from Lighting Ridge, Australia) N2 black body color, with flagstone and broad-flash color play.

This unique ring sold. Please contact us to create something similar.

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