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Princess Cut Vivid Yellow Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


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The term “Canary Diamond” often gets used for any Diamond with a yellow hue; but technically, a Canary Diamond is a yellow Diamond with an intense or vivid color saturation- like this! Weighing almost 11/2ct, this square princess cut Diamond is large and stunning on the hand, with a fancy vivid yellow color like the most beautiful Sunflower you have ever seen. This Diamond is SI2 clarity, and faces up totally clean to the naked eye, such that nothing distracts from the beautiful yellow color and impressive sparkle. The Diamond has been set in durable platinum chevron prongs that protect the center stone and keep it comfortable and durable. This Diamond is a natural Diamond that has been color enhanced using irradiation to deepen the yellow color, as such it sells at a much more reasonable price. Currently size 6, easily sizable by request.

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