Gemstone Engagement Ring

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  • large black star sapphire ladies ring yellow gold

    Large Black Star Sapphire Lady’s Solitaire Ring


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  • edwardian princess diana style sapphire diamond ring no heat pailin blue sapphire

    Antique GIA Pailin Blue Sapphire Ring Princess Diana Style


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  • Burmese Neon Redish Pink Spinel set in white gold bypass ring.JPG

    Neon Reddish Pink Spinel & Diamond Bypass Ring


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  • Unheated Round Blue Sapphire Diamond Star Shaped Engagement Ring 8.JPG

    Natural Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Star Engagement Ring


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  • Vintage Style Halo Ruby Ring 3.JPG

    Vintage-Style Ruby Halo Engagement Ring


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  • Brazilian alexandrite .63ct trillion diamond ring white gold 4 daylight.JPG

    Brazilian Alexandrite & Trillion Diamond Ring- Full Color Change

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  • Burmese blue grey spinel in cushion halo engagement ring.JPG

    Custom Cushion Halo Ring with Color Shift Blue Spinel

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