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Mid Century Bypass Ring with 1ct Old Mine Cut Diamond


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If only rings could talk! This one would clearly have a story to tell. This white gold engagement ring was made circa 1950s, in timeless mid century design. The white gold diamond ring features two arms which bypass each other, cradling the center diamond between them. The center Diamond is an Old Mine Cut, pre 1900, which we date to approximately 1880 due to its square outline and large, irregular facets. This large 6mm+ Diamond is definitely the star of the show, as it dances even in the lowest of light. This Diamond was likely mined in India or Brazil, as it predates African Diamonds, and as such it has a bit more warmth and inclusions than modern stones. None of this is visible to the eye- all the viewer sees is a fabulous diamond ring, which is likely why some lucky person remounted and wore it in the 1950s, and it’s why some lucky lady will want to wear it again soon.

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