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Large Black Star Sapphire Lady’s Solitaire Ring


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Looking for a black engagement ring? Then a black star Sapphire may be for you, since it provides the black color, great durability, and an interesting focal point all in one neutral and understated black gemstone. This one is set simply with a pair of Diamond accents on either side of the gold mounting, perfect as an engagement or fun-to-stare-at right hand ring. Note: star Sapphires occur when fibrous inclusions within the gem orient themselves along the three axes of the crystal. Then, when light hits these inclusions, they cause three chatoyant lines to appear perpendicular to the inclusions; these three lines make the legs of a 6-ray star shimmering on the surface of the Sapphire. Star Sapphires can occur in any color, but the black star Sapphires show the star phenomenon best, due to the opacity of the material and the golden hue of the star itself. What fun!

Details: 14k yellow gold engagement ring set with oval 7.5ct Black Star Sapphire (13.5×11.5mm) and .06ctw Diamond accents (I1 GH), estate c.1975.

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