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Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, 2ctw Round Halo


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Nothing says “I do” like a round Diamond halo engagement ring. This modern take on the classic features a large 1.71ct round lab Diamond in the center, with a smaller halo of accents and a thin accented shank. By keeping the Diamond accents on the smaller side, the ring has a dainty and finessed look which is very elegant on the hand. It can be worn just as it is, or stacked with wedding bands of your choice- a classic and impressive look. All of the Diamonds in this ring are lab created- this means they are visually and chemically identical to a natural Diamond, but grown in a laboratory instead of mined. This allows us to use top quality Diamonds, and a much larger center Diamond, at a much more affordable price. Plus, all of our lab Diamonds are American grown for the most ethical and environmentally friendly option.

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