Art Deco Inspired Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring



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Product Description

This mounting is one of the best Art Deco reproductions we have ever made. The overall piece is geometric and finely worked like the best 1920’s pieces and uses calibre-cut Sapphires as accents. Calibre-cut gemstones were popularized in the Deco era because the gems were custom cut to fit together perfectly, similar to stained glass, which provided contrast against the white diamonds. The center stone in this piece is an untreated bi-color Sapphire from Madagascar, appearing blue or teal at different angles. The complexity of the mounting is matched by the intrigue in this center stone for a beautiful and unique Sapphire engagement ring.

Details: 18k white gold ring with 1.25ct round bi-color teal Sapphire with .30ctw Diamonds (VS GH) and .70ct custom calbibre Sapphire accents.

This unique item sold. Please contact us for pricing and availability of similar pieces.

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