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Fabulous Platinum 15ct Blue Zircon & Diamond Pendant


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This pendant originated as an antique platinum & Diamond watch (from the side, one can still see the hole where the watch stem was removed). Sadly, the watch had died, but we wanted to preserve the Diamond-set Art Deco case- set with amazing detail with the finest round and baguettes, each piece individually hinged, etc. We were able to remove the bottom lug and convert the top lug to a bail, thus converting the watch to a pendant. Once the conversion was complete and the watch workings removed we needed to find a new centerpiece for this amazing frame. Fortunately our favorite lapidary had just finished cutting this round Zircon, rare for both size and color, which was a perfect fit. We made custom prongs to hold the Zircon just above the Diamond halo, which now sits as the focal point of one exceptional necklace. The pendant measures almost 1.5 inches long, the Zircon is a 14mm round. This is a true rarity in terms of quality for natural Blue Zircon, since this gem has great teal-blue color with excellent clarity and brilliance. The Diamond framework is a piece of the jeweler’s art: the finest platinum and diamond workmanship imaginable. If you love Blue Zircon as much as we do, then this pendant may be for you.

Details: Art Deco watch case conversion pendant in 900 platinum, set with 14.90ct natural Blue Zircon (heat treated only, Cambodian) and 1.10ctw round and baguette natural Diamonds (VS FG), NAGL lab report #1206317.

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