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Custom Mandala Engagement Ring with Cornflower Blue Sapphire


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This stunning Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring was designed to emulate a Mandala. Mandala are works of art from India, with religious meaning, and feature a geometric configuration of symbols, often in symmetrical or floral patterns. Mandala are used to enhance meditation and induce calm in the viewer, so we designed this ring to induce peace and tranquility. The Mandala inspired mounting has the gentle symmetry of a flower with substantial Diamond petals, center-set with a natural blue Sapphire in a calming cornflower blue hue. This is an incredible Sapphire in a Portuguese cut round shape that has over 100 tiny facets, each sparkling the brilliant blue hue, and appearing larger than the weight would suggest. It could easily be worn on the right-hand, but was initially designed to serve as an engagement ring, with a flat side profile for a wedding band. This ring is easily sizable to any ring size.

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