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Custom 18k Bezel Set Ring with Neon Red “Jedi Spinel”


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This stunning red Spinel ring is set with the most neon red “Jedi Spinel” we have in stock, in a fabulous custom ring. These glowing red Spinels got their “Jedi” moniker since they appear to have no dark side- even in the lowest of light, these gems glow with an inner fire. Mined in Burma in the early 2000’s, this gem is a collector’s red Spinel that has found its way into a groovy custom bezel ring, which uses rich 18k gold with a combination of textures to give the ring depth. Flush set Diamond accents serve to provide a neutral contrast to the pure, open, bright red of the cushion Spinel center stone. In addition, the ring is low profile with an inside rounded hand for a true comfort fit.

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