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Art Deco Flamingo Pendant with Pink Sapphire & Diamonds


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If you like Pink Flamingos on your lawn, you may well like them on your neck, too. This fabulous Art Deco charm originally graced a bracelet, but is now an adorable pendant. Crafted in 18k white and yellow gold, the bird’s body is a hot pink magenta Sapphire, almost a Ruby, and it is set with a Diamond eye and Diamond feet. This was clearly not mass produced, it was fabricated by hand as a one-off item. The quality shows in the craftsmanship but also in the gems on display- the pink Sapphire is natural and untreated, with a deep pink glow that is stunning, and the Diamonds are VS! The exotic gems are worthy of the exotic bird they represent. So if you are looking for a bird charm or a Pink Flamingo to be your mascot, look no further.

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