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Antique Blue Moonstone Pendant in Gold Frame


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Moonstones possess an elegance that is enchanting. Antique jewelry set with moonstones amplify this effect, twice the mystery, twice the beauty. This particular pendant started life as a stickpin and was converted to a more-wearable pendant sometime long ago. The round cabochon, while not large, is imbued with a fantastic blue sheen of adularescence which is indicative of top quality blue Moonstone from Ceylon. The rich gold surround serves as a contrast for this blue hue, with a more modern gold bail on top of the piece. At first glance, the pendant has a floral form, with each “petal” is a swirl of yellow gold that serves as a prong to secure the Moonstone into place. Looking closer, the swirling gold has the movement of wind or water, and reminds me of a breath of air, blown my some mystical god. No matter what you see, this is a gorgeous antique pendant perfect for everyday wear.

Details: antique 14k yellow gold pendant set with .85ct round blue Moonstone (untreated, Sri Lanka) and gold detail work, pin circa 1910, conversion circa 1970.

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