Antique 7mm 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band, c.1909


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This antique wedding ring is a find! Since we wear our wedding rings for a lifetime the rings rarely survive to a second generation. When they do, families typically hold onto them so it is hard for us to come by authentic antiques like this. This one is a true gem- the ring is a substantial 7mm+ wide, solid rich 18k yellow gold, with engravings intact from the original owner. The lustrous gold is a lovely deep hue, likely of American origin, and engraved “Peter & Isabelle Nov 19, 09.” This ring has a wonderful presence and could be worn by man or woman, and it is certainly sizable within reason- currently size 7. If you have been looking for an Edwardian wedding ring, look no further.

Details: 18k yellow gold wedding band, circa 1909.

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