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Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Old Euro Diamond & Sapphires


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If you love Art Deco designs, but are looking for a ring you can wear every day, this vintage-inspired but newly made ring is perfect! This ring was made in the Art Deco style, using hand-carved white gold in emulation of antique rings. The center Diamond is an authentic, period-correct old Euro cut Diamond, which dates from the turn of the 20th century. The open culet and chunky facet pattern make it beautifully sparkly in low lighting. It is set with natural Sapphire accents, calibre cut to look triangular, and rows of Diamonds framing the set. The best part of this faithful rendition of Art Deco style is that you get all the benefit of the cool design, but with the practicality of the heavier modern mounting and low-profile setting; a true win for the lucky owner.

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