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Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Emerald Cut Peacock Sapphire


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This fabulous emerald cut Teal Sapphire engagement ring is a great example of the peacock-hued Sapphires that are so popular today. There are many examples of teal Sapphires or green Sapphires on the market, and they come in a wide variety of colors, hues, and cuts which can look wildly different. This particular type is known as peacock since the teal is balanced with blue, creating a two tone effect similar to the colors seen in a peacock’s fan. Typically this is most visible in person, where the gem held at one angle will show more blue while in another angle will show more green, but in most lighting conditions these colors blend into the teal seen in these photos. This gem is set into an Art Deco inspired engagement ring, mounted in a sizable larger size. The ring features filigree, milgrain, and Diamond accents which provide a neutral backdrop for the unusual color.

Details: custom 18k white gold engagement ring set with 1.65ct square emerald cut teal Sapphire (African, heat treated only) and .12ctw Diamond accents (SI GH).

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