Vintage Rolex GMT Master Ref. 1675: the 1964 Pepsi Rolex


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Among watch collectors, vintage Rolexes are a must have. Among Rolex collectors, the GMT Pepsi is a holy grail watch- this one offered for only $24,995.

While today thought of as a luxury item; in their day, Rolex watches were made as utilitarian items for niche fields. In this case, the GMT-master watch was made for pilots and world travelers. With an extra red hand, designated the “GMT” hand (GMT short for Greenwich Mean Time) and a rotating bezel numbered 1 through 24, this watch was designed to enable travelers to keep time, both where they were and back home. The GMT hand moves at half the speed of the regular hour, completing one full rotation for every two of the hour hand, or every 24 hours. Travelers could set their watch when they land in another time zone to the local time, and then move the rotating bezel so that the GMT hand points to what the hour is back home; if you’re flying from LA and landing in London at 10:30 PM, you would turn the main hands forward to 10:30, and, because London is 8 hours ahead of PST, you would move the bezel around so the red hand points to half-past 14. Voila’!

This beautiful piece is a ref#1675 GMT Master with an original blue and red “Pepsi” bezel, made in Switzerland in 1964, stainless steel with original bracelet, and in good vintage condition (shows scratches to the crystal, case, and band commensurate with age, but is all original). Available for a short time only, this piece of watch collecting history comes with a 2 year warranty. Contact us for more information.

*Condition note- our watchmaker considers this watch to be in good vintage condition. It has been recently serviced and it is running and keeping time. The bezel is in good condition, as is the case and bracelet, which show only minor scuffs and abrasions from wear. While the exact history of the watch is unknown, it is suspected that the watch was re-dialed by Rolex during service (it has a Swiss-only dial, which was done by Rolex for only a few years, which has less patina than the date wheel and hands). Even this is guesswork only; as all of the parts are correct and factory-made.

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