Pear Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold


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Product Description

This Blue-Violet color shift Sapphire made for one exceptional modern halo engagement ring! Some blue Sapphires contain trace elements that give them a hint of violet under incandescent lighting and give them an added richness in everyday situations. This one has an especially high degree of transparency and saturation that make the blue color just glow- and it is totally natural and untreated. This gem started its life a little larger, but we had our favorite lapidary re-cut the gem for optimal brilliance, which was totally worth the minor loss in size. We set this in a modern pear shaped halo engagement ring mounting that can be worn on its own or easily stacked with a wedding band or two for a more substantial presence on the hand.

Details: 14k white gold halo ring with .86ct blue violet pear Sapphire (unheated, from Sri Lanka) with .25ctw Diamond accents (SI GH).

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